Swimming Pool Remodel

Pool Remodeling - What To Expect Step-By-Step

What To Expect When Remodeling Your Pool



What To Expect When Remodeling Your Pool


About Us

About Ulitimate Pool Remodeing Sunbather

Over 20 years of remodeling experience.
Licensed and insured.
References available upon request.
5-Year warranty.

Peace Of Mind

Swimming Pool Peace Of Mind

Each job individually supervised.
Site is clean after pool is complete.

Enjoy Your Pool

Enjoy Your Pool

7 day turnaround - most remodels from start to finish, from the day we walk onto your property until your pool is full of water.


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Before We Arrive

To minimize any potential inconvenience:

Swimming Pool Remodel Before
Swimming Pool Remodel After
Turn off breakers to pool equipment and lights.
Move furniture, potted plants or any movable items out of the way.
Close your windows to reduce noise and dust.

Please keep pets inside. Your gate will remain open the entire time our crew is in your back yard. Please make all necessary arrangements.

Communication - We do our best to let you know what's going to happen before it does. With schedules that depend on weather, equipment, and materials, we can't always do that. And, during our busy season - January through July - we may need a few more days for your project. So please, if you have a question or concern, call us at (866) 691-7946 or email us at sales@ultimatepoolremodeling.com

Scheduling notifications - In order to keep you up-to-date with scheduling information, please provide us with your email address and/or your cell phone number, if you'd like us to text you.

Demolition Phase Preparation

Before we resurface your pool's interior and begin any additional construction, your pool must be drained and the existing surface prepared. If your pool isn't already empty, we will drain it into your outside sewer drain. If there is no sewer drain available, you will be responsible for the disposal of the water.

After your pool is drained, DO NOT TURN YOUR POOL LIGHT ON. This will burn out the bulb and may even break the lens (pool lights are water-cooled).
Swimming Pool Remodel Demolition

Demolition Phase - Once the pool is drained, we begin by preparing the interior surface for proper bonding with the new surface by "chipping out" or "bond coating" the old surface. To chip out your pool, our crew will be using power tools to remove all of the old plaster. Bond coating combines chipping out the top portion of the plaster then power washing the remaining surface with a super high-speed jet spray. Both processes can be noisy. A friendly "heads up" to your neighbors would most likely be appreciated. All debris is removed from your yard by bucket and wheelbarrow.

Plumbing Phase - Outside Pool
Swimming Pool Plumbing and New Equipment

Plumbing and New Equipment - The best way to protect a new pool finish is by replacing existing plumbing and installing an energy-efficient filtration system. This installation takes place after the demolition phase is complete. Depending on the scope of work, equipment will be installed after any decking or plaster applied.

Construction Phase

Intermediate Coping, Tile & Replaster

Swimming Pool Coping and Tile

After the demolition phase, there is an intermediate phase during which your new coping and tile are expertly put into place. Coping and tile are replaced after your plumbing and new equipment are installed, but before any decking is redone. This intermediate phase takes place before completing the outside pool work and before starting the inside pool phase.

When it comes to swimming pool and spa coping, there are many options to choose from. Ultimate Pool Remodeling's team of skilled professionals can install standard white safety grip coping, bullnose brick, safety grip brick, flagstone, concrete coping, and more.

Outside Pool

Swimming Pool Decking and Waterfalls & Boulders

Decking - Decking renovation is completed after the intermediate phase of coping and tile replacement. The best time to replace decking is in tandem with a new pool finish. Old pool decking can be replaced with something basic or with elegant textured concrete or pavers, with breathtaking added color.

Waterfalls & Boulders - Instead of walking into your back yard, imagine stepping into your own personal resort! If you want to transform the space around your swimming pool into an exciting and entertaining hot spot, consider adding a tranquil waterfall, some natural boulders, and/or a built-in barbeque or fireplace.

Inside Pool

California Quartz and California Pebble - Unlike older out-of-date swimming pools, your newly renovated pool can be resurfaced using modern materials that are not only durable, but beautiful and colorful as well. Two possibilities are California Quartz and California Pebble.

Here's how we apply these exquisite materials. The quartz or pebble (along with color, if requested) are mixed into the plaster at the truck. Next, the components are fed under pressure through a hose to your pool, where the mixture is sprayed or "shot" onto the interior surface. Our crew then hand trowels the entire surface to smooth and set the plaster.

Ancient Building Formula
California Quartz and California Pebble are blended with special cement (a proprietary blend of pozzolans to increase strength and cement), producing a material similar to those used by the Greeks and Romans some 2,000 years ago to build such structures as the Coliseum and Pantheon, which are still standing in Rome today!

California Quartz

California Quartz Pool Finishes
Beauty that Enhances and Evolves
California Quartz is naturally tumbled, creating variations in pattern, texture and hue for strikingly beautiful results. Results include improved depth perception, which will enhance the way guests admire your gorgeous new pool.

California Quartz is available in 12 eye-catching colors, which become more and more stunning as time goes by. Here's why, over time, more crystals are exposed, causing the color of your pool to become deeper and richer, especially during the first few years.

Beauty that Endures
One of the outstanding attributes of California Quartz is that it strengthens the pool's surface. This minimizes deterioration caused by pool use, cleaning, sunlight, and chemical corrosion. California Quartz is made with one of the world's hardest minerals, providing you with long-lasting durability.

Exposed Aggregate
Aggregate is a mixture of minerals and rock fragments, inherent in California Pebble. The unique, fascinating patterns of the aggregates will be exposed over a period of months, depending on the intensity of the water chemistry.

California Quartz - 12 Magnificent Colors: White, Malibu, Carmel, Mammoth, Catalina, Tahoe, Baja, Shasta, Ocean Blue, Laguna, Silver Lake, Newport.

California Pebble

California Pebble Pool Finishes
A Natural Look for your Pool
California Pebble is a proprietary blend of cement, pebbles and other strengthening components. After we spray the pool's interior, we then hand trowel the entire surface to smooth and set the pebble/material mix, and gently wash the pebbles to expose their natural beauty.

Nature's Variations
Just like in nature, the natural variations in California Pebble should be expected and even welcomed. Similar variations are found in wood, marble, leather, and other natural products. The uneven finish of California Pebble often appears marbled, which actually adds to the inherent beauty and uniqueness. Colors may change from pool to pool and at varying depths within the same pool, due to sunlight exposure and surroundings. These variations ensure that your pool is one-of-a-kind and not identical in appearance to any other.

California Pebble is available in 11 rich earth-inspired colors that increase in beauty as time goes by.

California Pebble - 11 Naturally Earthy Tones: Malibu, Carmel, Mammoth, Catalina, Tahoe, Baja, Shasta, Ocean Blue, Laguna, Silver Lake, Newport.

Turning Your Pool Back Over To Your Care
Swimming Pool Remodel Before
Swimming Pool Remodel After

Do not stop the water once pool is filling. After pool is full, place the hose in the bottom of the spa until full. Do not use "fill line" or "auto fill" to fill. Make sure water source is not connected to a softener.

Once your pool and spa are full, begin brushing and remove any plugs. At this time call the office of Ultimate Pool Remodeling Inc. You may start your filtration system at this time. If you can't start your filtration, please move ahead with your start up.

Ultimate Pool Remodeling Inc. will send someone out 1-3 days after your pool is full to perform the final clean up. Final clean up consists of cleaning the area where contracted work was completed. Also at this time we will finish up any small details. If someone is home we will give them basic instructions on new equipment (if installed). Our crew will then brush the pool once over and add acid if necessary. You will still be required to check and add additional acid as needed. Please read the equipment manuals and follow manufacturer's instructions. Manuals are available at manufacturer's web site.

Homeowners responsibility: As soon as pool and spa are filled.
1. Test water - Add muriatic acid (only) if needed -test water.
2. Brush pool every 5 hours and repeat step 1 until PH is balanced (3 times per day).
3. No pets or people should be in the pool until full and water is balanced.
4. Run equipment until finished performing start up.
5. Once PH is balanced and calcium dust is gone. Test water - Begin adding liquid chlorine.
6. Once pool is clean and water is balanced you may swim, heat and enjoy your pool.
7. Return to regular maintenance (Add suction cleaner pool vacuum).
8. Always add a chemical to water, never water to the chemical.



Do not turn lights on while pool is empty or filling. Do not add salt for 30 days.

Swimming Pool Remodel Before & After

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